Universities, Ambassadors and Individuals can send their details to, if they are not comfortable to register their teams using our online portal. Our team is here to register your teams on your behalf.

Registration Process

  1. Visit our website
  2. Register yourself as an Ambassador to represent any institute or you can become a private Ambassador as well.
  3. Register your team(s) under the selected ambassadors or independently. (Independent participants will not represent any institution)
  4. Independent participants will select NTU-XTC 6.0 as their ambassador.
  5. Ambassadors and Independent participants will pay registration fee on desk in campus.
  6. For any queries regarding registration process feel free to contact on this number 03006682885.

Rules and Regulations

    1. All participants are required to bring their University cards and/or CNIC.
    2. Participants must report for the competition before time.
    3. NTU-FSD has the rights to withdraw any event or to change the prize money in case of unforeseen event.
    4. NTU-FSD has rights to change the rules, according to prevailing conditions.
    5. Decision of judges will be final.
    6. Smoking or any kind of other unhealthy activities are not allowed in university premises.
    7. Only registered participants are allowed to participate in competition.
    8. Registration fee is non-refundable.
    For accommodation (only for students outside the Faisalabad), please contact us.