This competition will test skills of web programming and designing of participants. All the teams
will be given a scenario, inputs and outputs and they will be asked to design and implement the
solution of website. The Winner will be the person/team completing more number of problems
successfully. They have 3 hours for development, after that, you need to present your work in 5
minutes to our judges.
1. Participants must follow timings strictly for the smooth
execution of events. If a person or
team is late, they’ll be disqualified immediately.
2. Team will be given a theme or general problem and they will
implement their ideas to solve that problem with Web
3. The theme/task will be disclosed to all participants 30 minutes
before the competition starts.
4. A team can work on any framework and language of their
choice but use of Word Press or any other script is strictly prohibited.
5. Teams must bring their own laptops.
6. Internet will be provided to the participants during the competition to download and use
resources such as images, fonts, etc.
7. Students must be current undergraduate/post graduate of any institute. 
8. There must be 2 members in a team.
Registration Fee:
800 PKR/-
Event Head:
Abdullah Farooq