A picture is worth a thousand words.
1.	Registration fee 200 per entry
2.	Maximum two entries allowed per person
3.	Registrations are open till April 26, 2017
4.	No specific theme, however you need to describe the theme you chose while submitting the entry.
5.	No photoshop, retouching, software-based enhancements or editing allowed. Only raw images are allowed.
6.	Entries are allowed from both professional and mobile phone cameras. 
7.	Previous captures are not allowed. You need to capture an image starting from right now till your submission before the deadline. 
8.	There will be no on-site photography. You can capture pictures anytime and anywhere before the end of the deadline. 
9.	Entries need to be submitted online before the ending deadline along with the proof of payment. 
10.	Winner shall be declared at the closing ceremony of the event along with the winning prize.
11.	Winner shall be provided with a XTC winning shield and the winning prize. 
12.	Your personal presence is not required at the event. In the case of a win, you can either participate at closing ceremony or the winning set will be mailed to you.
13.	Copying or using someone’s work as your submission will result in a disqualification.
How to submit entries?
1.	Email your image/picture for the entry either as an attachment or upload to dropbox (if large in size) and email the link.
2.	Include proof of payment (a picture of the receipt) in the email. 
3.	Describe theme (few words to maximum of two sentences)
4.	After verification of payment, you will get an acknowledgement email. (email for submission and contact)
How to make payment?
1.	Payment can be made in person to Mr. Hassaan Bin Omar (03107595787) at National Textile University, Faisalabad (IT-Center)
2.	Payment can be made via Easy Paisa etc. for outsiders. (Contact via email for details)
Event Head:
Irzam Sarfraz 
0336-1772558 (SMS for any query)