This competition includes test of Digital Logic Design, Circuit Analysis and Basic Electronics. All
the teams will be given Circuit Schematics, Components and outputs and they will be asked to
design Circuit. The Winner will be the person/team completing the Circuit successfully in time,
where as in the case of ties, final decision will be made on the basis of speed of completion, with
me-penalties for bad attempts.
This event is about electrical circuit designing and the
participants must follow the rules given below:
1. Each team will consist of 2 members.
2. Conversation and sharing of any material between teams is
strictly prohibited.
3. The duration of contest will be half hour.
4. Circuit schematics will be provided on the spot.
5. Prerequisites for this competition include concepts related to Digital Logic Design. Circuit
Analysis and Basic Electronics.
6. Datasheets for the IC's will be provided.
7. Supplies, components and wires will also be provided to the participants.
8. Participants will be only one chance to get their circuit evaluated. There would be no second
9. Once a team announces the completion of their circuit, time will be noted and team must leave
the table.
10. The decision of the management will be final.
11. Decision of the adjudicators will be final and the participants cannot appeal against it.
12. If the participant has any related query, consult the moderator of the contest before the
session starts as such queries will not be entertained during the contest.
Registration Fee:
800 PKR/-
Event Head:
Bilawal Ali