1. Individual participation is allowed from any institution.
2. Each speaker will be given 4-6 minutes. The first bell will be rung after 4 minutes,
while the second after 6 minutes. However, if the speaker continues even after the
bell, the judges may penalize or disqualify the speaker.
3. Paper reading will be penalized.
4. The participants should refrain from passing any derogatory/vulgar remarks against
the chair, national leaders, religious sects, defense forces and courts of law. If any
such remark is made the participant can be disqualified and asked to step down
from the podium.
5. The decision of the jury members will be final. Judgment will be based on the
following criteria:
a. Content
b. Style
c. Pronunciation
d. Gestures and
e. Confidence of the speaker.
6. The participant scoring the maximum points will be declared the Winner.
7. Shields will be awarded to the winners only for each category.
8. Reporting time: - 9:00 AM & venue is Main Hall, National Textile University,
English Serious topics
• Education has become an industry not a mission.
• I am the people-the mob-the crowd-the mass.
• Media is Misleading the Masses.
                     اردو سنجیدہ عنوانات
ا- نظر ُچرا کے چلے، جسم و جاں بچا کے چلے۔
      ب- اپنے حصے کی کوئی شمع جالئے جا
           ج- اب تو گناہ و ثواب بکتے ہیں۔