The Code ERA event is for Computer Science and IT students to show their ability to solve real
world problem through Computer Programming languages. The Rules for this event are as follows:
1. The duration of the event will be 3 hours.
2. A team must have maximum 2 members to participate in the
3. Conversation and sharing of any material between teams is
strictly prohibited
4. All the required IDEs will be installed in Computer.
5. Participants must bring their participation cards along with them
for authorization purpose before the event starts.
6. Internet and mobile phone usage will not be allowed during the competition.
7. Personal laptops are not allowed in competition. PCs will be
assigned to participants.
8. Decision of the adjudicators will be final and the participants
cannot appeal against it.
9. Judges decision will be final and cannot be challenged.
10. If any team caught in violating the rules and regulations, team will
be disqualified from the competition.
11. If the participant has any related query, consult the moderator of
the contest before the session starts as such queries will not be entertained during contest. 
Registration Fee:
800 PKR/-
Event Head:
Abdullah Sajid