Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare)

1. A team will have 5 members
2. Standard promote pml220 with mr12 in (search and destroy)
3. Best of three maps for each team.
4. Ready-up period should not exceed 15 minutes.
The following maps will be played at the LAN:
• mp_backlot
• mp_crash
• mp_crossfire
• mp_citystreets
• mp_strike
First Map and map veto will be decided on knife round. Winning team shall choose map and
losing team shall choose side.
Server issues
If the server crashes during the game, you are to continue from the previous played round. Cheat
codes are not allowed. If any player is found using a macro, firing script or cheating, it will result
in disqualification of the whole team. Any other bind or wait command is not allowed
Frames should not exceed 250. 
Registration Fee:
1000 PKR/-
Event Head:
TASHIF BHATTI 0331-8723257