1. Team must consist of exact two members.
2. It’s necessary for both members of the team
sitting opposite to each other.
3. Players are not allowed to lift and move chair
or table to reposition themselves for strike.
However, players can change their positions
without moving the seat.
4. A player is not allowed to take support of
objects around and play the game.
5. There will be a toss before every game.
6. Team, who won the toss, will have choice to take first strike or give it to the other team.
7. Referee then arranges the pieces at the center of the board with the queen in middle of the
arrangement. Nine black and nine white pieces are used for this arrangement.
8. Black and white pieces are placed alternately in circular formation around the queen. The
arrangement should not cross the outer circle.
9. Player who strikes first, plays with white pieces and attempts to pocket them.
10. If he/she pockets a piece, he gets another hand to strike.
11. If he/she misses to pocket, then strike passes to the opponent player sitting right next to him/her
in anti-clockwise direction. 
12. The opponent player in his turn attempts to pocket the black pieces and the game continues as
players take turns to strike alternate white and black pieces.
13. The player striking first should position the striker on the base line and strike in one go. The
player is not allowed to jerk the striker or the board when striking, as it will be considered a
14. The opponent does not get a strike until the player who breaks or strikes doesn’t pocket a piece.
15. Queen can be pocketed after the player nets at least one of his/her piece.
16. Player has to cover the queen by pocketing his piece, in which case, points of queen will be
awarded the player goes on to win the board.
17. Each black and white piece carries one point and the queen carries three points.
18. A player gets points of queen if it is covered and the player wins the board.
19. A board comes to an end when the opponent’s pieces are left and rest all are pocketed. The
winner gets points equal to the number of opponent’s pieces left on the board plus the points
of queen if the winner of board has pocketed it. Else, the winner gets points equal to number
of pieces left on the board. In such case, the opponent doesn’t get queen’s points since the
player has pocketed it.
20. If a player pockets queen and the striker in one proper strike, then the queen and additional two
pieces are placed in the circle for the player to continue with his turn.
21. If a player pockets a cover with the striker, then the queen plus two pieces come back into the
circle. The player then continues to play. It is same even when the queen and opponent’s piece
is pocketed by mistake. Just that the opponent’s piece is not placed in the center.
22. Suppose, a player has due without pocketing any of his pieces, then first piece pocketed will
return to the board and player continues with strike. In such case, the player can now pocket
the queen first and cover it.
23. If only one piece of each player is left on the board with queen and the player to strike pockets
queen and opponent’s piece then, opponent wins the board and gets points equal to number of
piece left on board.
24. If a player pockets queen and the piece in a single strike, then queen is considered to be covered. 
A foul committed by a player results in a due or penalty. Following are few common instances of
• A player disturbs or touches the board or pieces while idle or playing. It is considered as a foul
and the player has to pay a duet of one piece.
• If a piece bumps out of the board in a strike or play, the striking player loses the turn.
• A striker if pushed to hit the pieces is considered a foul and a penalty of one piece is given or the
player loses his turn.
• If a player pockets the striker alone or the striker with a piece, then it is a foul. As a penalty, the
piece is returned back on to the board and the player loses his turn. In such a case, the opponent
gets chance to place the piece anywhere inside the circle. Further, striking player loses his turn.
• If a player pockets the queen first in strike or turn, then it is a foul.
• The time limit for each game is 35 Minutes, if the game exceeds the time limit, then both team
players have to pocket the queen only, the team who pockets the queen earlier than opponent
team will win the game.
Registration Fee:
600 PKR/- per Team
Event Head:
0344 1878641