Brains Battle

Quiz Category 1
Software Engineering, Programming, Database, OOP, Networking, Artificial Intelligence,
Automata, Web Development, Wireless Networking, Data Structure Operating System,
Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Android, Software
Quality Assurance, Wireless Networks, Data Mining.
Quiz Category 2
Basic General Knowledge questions will be asked.
1. Each team for the quiz competition will consists of exactly 3
members. Team members are not interchangeable during a round.
2. Mix up the composition of the team with different semesters for covering up all subjects.
3. Teams will be allowed to give themselves an appropriate name related to the composition by
which they may want to be known.
4. Participants have to be very efficient and precise in giving answers. Some rules or format of
competition may disclose at run-time.
Registration Fee:
1000 PKR/-
Event Head:
Maham Nazir
Muhammad Ahmad